About Léon

Les Bretelles de Léon is a brand launched by 4 friends from Paris and Roanne. For the past 30 years they have been rooting through their wardrobes every morning for that ultimate accessory, the one-off, something elegantly discrete that will show the world that when it comes to style, these gentlemen take no prisoners.
That is how they came to create a unique collection of braces. Plain or colourful, with clips or button fastenings, slim or wide, for men or boys, in silk or crocodile skin… Les Bretelles de Léon is a craftsmanship orientated brand that meets the needs of men on-the-go who cannot find what they want in traditional stores and for ladies who want to offer a stylish, quality gift at a great price!
Les Bretelles de Léon – braces Made in France
We are proud to offer high quality braces that have been Made in France. We set very high standards for our suppliers so that we can offer you optimum quality products and top of the range service.
So what is more French than Léon? Choice, quality manufacturing and limited editions – those are our watchwords.
Our products are Made in France from A to Z.
Where are your braces made?
The answer to that is in France, from beginning to end. Léon is a brand launched by 4 friends from Paris and Roanne. Almost every day saw us rooting through our wardrobes for that ultimate accessory, the one-off, something elegantly discrete that would show the world and our work colleagues at the office that when it comes to style, we take no prisoners!
One thing led to another and we designed our own collection of braces. The idea to do this was a natural step given the gap in the current market. Our business model was to offer a product that was quality controlled by us, Made in France and provide a guaranteed level of service and an optimum e-shopping experience. We want our customers to feel on cloud nine wearing our braces.
We also endeavour to keep our prices reasonable and delivery charges as low as possible for each order.
Who’s Léon?
Léon is you, first and foremost; what you like and what makes you feel good. Behind the scenes there are four partners pulling out all the stops to make you happy:
Matthieu appreciates beauty. He loves good food and wine shared with friends. He is mad about e-commerce, cutting-edge technology and Mad Men. His idols: Gordon Gecko, Don Draper, Yoann Gourcuff and Steve Ballmer. His motto: « Who dares wins.»
Pierre could have been a fan of football or plant histology but he finally ended up filling up most of his weekends with motor sports and golf. His idols: Winston Churchill, Bill W. Gates, Roger Federer. His motto: «One cannot refuse to eat just because there is a chance of being choked.»
Axel run the shows and catwalks in search of the accessory to break the mould. Axel is a modern day Indiana Jones. He is our Mr Product. His idols: George Clooney, Hannibal Smith and Quentin Tarantino. His motto: « I love it when a plan comes together without a hitch. »
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