Size & Fit

There is no specific rule to choose the right size of your braces, it depends how yo uwant to wear your pants, high-waisted or low

The most effective way is to position your pants as desired and then measure or with a meter seamstress either with a string carried over a rule the distance from your hip to the middle of your back passing by the shoulder.

Range centimeters**
Shorter* Longer
120cm 71 116
140cm 89 135
With buttons 82 122
With Clips 77 117
120cm 72 118
Extra slim
120cm 72 118
Mini Me
65cm 24 63

*In the shortest dimension adjustment of the ramp system can be found at the top of the shoulder or in the backof the user. Ths interferes with any in terms of comfort.

**All measurements are in cm, they are taken flat without tension. Clip models take the measurement of the middle of a clip to another. For models with button take the measure of making the button to another (difference between the buttons 6cm). Our straps are extensible even at the longest it is still possible to win a few centimetres.