Taking Care of my Braces

1°/ Size guide
Adults: Our braces are size 110/120 cms to fit to most of our customers. However some styles are available in size 140 cms for customers over 195 cms tall or for those of a heavier build.
Children: braces are available in size 65/70 cms to fit children aged from 18 months to 5 years. We recommend that you use a tape measure to check back shoulder to hip measurement.
2°/ I waterproof, you waterproof…
The yokes of the lovely braces you have just bought are made of leather and subsequently they will need looking after to avoid any nasty surprises, especially during busy nights out! Protect your braces from spills by using specific waterproofing products. To be done once a year.
3°/ Shake, rattle and roll
We chose cylindrical packaging because we think rolling your braces is the optimum way to pack and protect your braces from bumps and scratches during transit. The cardboard box protects your braces really well and can be stored anywhere.
4°/ Screw, unscrew, screw, unscrew, scr…
You lucky lot who have bought braces from our Heritage collection have the facility to change your braces from clip to button fastening and back again, if you wish ! All you need to do is unscrew the screw at the ends of your braces. Please note that the screw has been quite tightly screwed because the braces need to be strong enough at the back to cope with certain body movements. It is important therefore to take great care that the screws are screwed in correctly when changing your fastenings.
If you happen to lose a screw contact us for a replacement: contact@lesbretellesdeleon.com
5°/ Taking good care of my braces.
Usually waterproofing the leather on my braces does the job in protecting them from marks. Should something happen though, rubbing some colour-free shoe shine should do the trick. Elasticated straps can be cleaned using a sponge or damp cloth and some soapy water. Please do not put your braces in the washing machine or dryer as water will damage the leather and the high temperatures will damage the elastic. Use a soft cloth (like spectacle cleaning cloth) and a bit of elbow grease to clean your clips.
6°/ Queries
Our team is pleased to answer any queries. Please contact us at: contact@lesbretellesdeleon.com
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