Armbands / Studs Elastic Sleeve Black 2 pieces

"Charm: a way of getting a 'yes' without asking any clear questions. "
Albert Camus

- black elastic Armbands
- Width of the band: 1,8 cm
- Adjustable
- Made in France

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16 €

Somewhere between the croupier and the waiter ... adopt the retro style of the sleeve elastic that we advise you to wear on a loose shirt.

You can adjust the diameter with a metal setting.

Elastic Armbands used to have two functions: to pull the sleeves of shirts too big ("at the time" there were no different sizes). The other function was very different: they were used by the croupiers to show that they did not hide cards in their sleeves ...

Now is the time to roll up your sleeves ... it's up to you!

Width18 mm
Composition82% Polyester 18% Elastodienne