Fancy or classic bow ties

If you like originality and elegance, the bow tie is for you. For an occasion or for every day, we propose you here a selection of fancy bow tie but also bow ties more classic black or ivory.

Bow tie 'Leon way

OK leon, it's the suspenders, but who says braces, said knot pap '... so we started and we drew our first bow ties that we present here. If you make the choice of strapless combo and bowtie, I advise you to do straps and knot sober, or a fancy piece and the second more sober, but do not do a fancy / fantasy combo ... that would be a little too much much.

How to choose your bowtie?

If your shirt is plain, you can choose a patterned bow tie. If your shirt is patterned, I advise you to go on a bow tie plain or with little reason. You can of course choose a patterned shirt and a patterned knot, but the association will require a little more care and subtlety. Remember to send us photos ... we love it!

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