Suspenders with buttons or clips

Our "removable" Suspenders are equipped with an ingenious double attachment system. This means that you can carry them with the buttons or with the clips, simply by unscrewing the fastening system.


Suspenders with removable clips

Want to wear your suspenders but do not want to sew buttons on all your pants? Well think of our buttons clips: just clip on your pants! Or remove the clips and install the clamps.


Suspenders with buttons? It's an idea for a wedding!

They are 110cm long, 3.5cm wide and combine with a very high quality leather. With this collection you have the choice to attach your suspenders to your pants. Either the leather part matched with the back leather sewing with 6 buttons on your pants for special occasions (or simply to make the beautiful), or stainless steel clips with a rubber reinforcement to not mark your clothes.

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